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Like a work of art, all firearms have unique markings that can be traced. The chronology of ownership is called the provenance. There are records for over 100,000 individual Finnish-made firearms in various Finnish archives. Apart from ownership records, these records also provide information about repairs and modifications made to the firearms, battles they fought in and shooting competitions they won.

If two almost identical firearms are valued, the one with known provenance will almost always have higher market value than the other without provenance. Very rare or one of a kind rifles are also hard or even impossible to authenticate without archival research.

PHOTO: Receipt from SAKO, dated 25 October 1935, for repairs of four m/28 and one m/28 from three different Civil Guard Districts.

Certification of Authenticity with essential information translated to English and printed on cotton archival paper and high-resolution digital copies are included for all orders. Click link below to view a sample of Certification of Authenticity. The sample is for demonstration purposes only. The format may vary depending on the model and the specifics of what is contained in the archival records:


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fireams can be researched? What type of information can be found from certain type of firearm?

This information is updated as new records are found. It should be noted that the level of record keeping varied between various military units, Civil Guards and other governmental agencies and all records do not contain all the information listed below. Many of the archives are incomplete due to damage caused by the Winter War and Continuation War or post-war destruction of records. The information available as of May 19th, 2022 is as follows:

Only Finnish Defence Forces Swedish Mauser rifles LISTED IN THIS PDF FILE can be researched at the time being.

Only Finnish Defence Forces m/91 rifles with Tikkakoski barrel LISTED IN THIS PDF FILE can be researched at the time being.

Only Finnish Defence Forces m/39 rifles LISTED IN THIS PDF FILE can be researched at the time being.

Finnish Defence Forces firearms with a pre-war unit disc:
The name of the armory that issued the rifle and the shipping date, number of rounds fired between inspections, date and details of annual inspections and repairs, the names of the conscripts the rifle was issued to and possible repair history until around 1939.

Finnish Defence Forces artillery pieces between calibres 20mm and 210mm (except Lahti L-39):
Part and accessory serial numbers, pre-, wartime and post-war units, number of shells fired, dates and details of inspections and repairs.

Civil Guard m/91, m/24 or m/39:
Shipping date and destination, the dates and details of inspections and repairs and the names of the guardsmen the rifle was issued at the local Civil Guard until around 1944.

Civil Guard m/28 and m/28-30:
The material and type of the original stock, date of factory test firing and inspection, names of the inspectors, shipping date and destination (s/n 00001-52600), result of the barrel proof tests (s/n c. 0001-2000) and test firing results (s/n 00001-24700), if privately or state funded, the dates and details of annual inspections and repairs and the names of the guardsmen the rifle was issued at the local Civil Guard until around 1939.

Pistols owned by Civil Guard:
Civil Guard and factory serial numbers, condition when received, list of accessories, shipping date and destination and the service history at the Civil Guard.

Pistols and rifles owned by the Police of Finland and Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice:

Civilian Rifles and Shotguns made by Tikkakoski until 1959:
Purchase date, name of the buyer and shipping address. If the buyer was a Civil Guard, then also the service history in the Civil Guard.

How long does it take for the records to arrive?

The average time of completing the research at the archives is two weeks. Furthermore, it will take from 10 to 15 business days for the Certification of Authenticity to arrive depending of the country of destination. Digital copies are delivered within few days after the research is completed.

Price List for Services

Orders may be placed by contact form available below. Other kind of research not listed is priced on case-by-case basis. The forms of payment accepted are SEPA bank transfer and PayPal.

Finnish Defence Forces and Civil Guard firearms 55 € per firearm
Finnish Defence Forces artillery pieces 55 € per piece
Civilian Tikkakoski rifles and shotguns 35 € per firearm
Service and competition records of conscripts or guardsmen 35 € per person

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